PRISM Speakers - July 2019 Insights

Our third event of 2019 took place on July 5th as part of an international series of events to mark the second global LGBTQ+ STEMM Day (and PRISM Exeter's first birthday).

The event saw Kayisha Payne, founder of BBSTEM (Black British Professionals in STEMM), deliver a diversity workshop focussing on the intersections of race, gender and sexuality.

35 people attended the event, including some who had travelled down from London especially. 23 attendees filled out the attendee questionnaire and reported the following as being key messages they took away from the event:

  • the differences between equity and equality
  • the importance of networks
  • the importance of addressing our own unconscious biases
  • the need to be brave as an ally and to support and encourage others
  • that dialogue / open and frank communication is key to breaking down barriers.

We are grateful for financial assistance from Tech Exeter and the Institute of Physics South West branch without which, this event could not have taken place.